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JUJU LINE DANCE FUSION Saturday, 26th February 2005
It was a full house for The Juju Men at Bluebirds Social Club, Longham on Saturday night. The reason it seems is that Juju music, a sort of accelerated form of rock'n'roll laced with blues harp and 'spank the plank' style guitar, is just perfect for that somewhat bizarre U.S. dance style known as line dancing. The rubber was positively on fire on the dancefloor on Saturday night. One or two slinky little movers out there I have to say. A phenomenum that has to be seen to be believed.

FUNKADELIC Friday, 25th February 2005
'I'd love to take her home, but her heart is made of stone'.
Thus spake Funk Soul Brothers @ the Green Room.
Enough said.

GIGMISSIVE !!! Saturday, 26th February 2005


Greetings Brendakinder.
we are playing:
Sat 26th Feb
The Central
Lower Parkstone, Poole

65days of Static
Battered Action Figure
Rival Joustas

Its going to be a good night.
dont believe me?
let this review, with its insight and acerbic wit convert you:
Review 1
Review 2

hope to see you there.. be early. .65dos sell things out...

65 Days Of Static
Battered Action Figure


THE GANDER - THE LATEST NEWS !!! February 2005
We are running unplugged sessions every Tuesday from now on at the Gander.
entry is just 1 and many top acts are being booked Opening night will show
off the talents of Victor, Jennie Suzanne, Saphira and Si Genero. Anyone who
wants to play can get in touch at
Also from april we will be running plugged nights in much the same vein as
our unplugged sessions on SATURDAY nights. Entry will be 2 to 3.

Robert Burnell + Robert Fletcher
BB Promotions



The Shrouds are going on UK Tour with a signed french
band called Lush june/july covering nearly all of uk.
then in sept were touring France even cooler!!
were doin two gigs in bournemouth club destiny 30th
june and the villa 6th july. should we a good one!


GLENN TILBROOK - BACK TO BASICS Wednesday, 9th February 2005
Glenn Tilbrook, one half of the songwriting team behind all those classic Squeeze hits in the late 70's and early 80's, appeared at Mr. Kyps last night. Hit after hit, song after song, a torrent of bizarre chord changes, hooky melodies and beautiful lyrics about the mundane and ordinary things in life. After about an hour I guess, Glenn left the stage to take a break. When he reappeared it was not on stage but from the back of the hall, acoustic guitar at the ready and rearing to go. He then proceeded to play more and more songs, but this time, no mike, no stage, no PA, no nothing. He just stood on a chair in the middle of the audience and winged it. Mikes, PA's, stages - Who needs them? An unforgettable evening.

REVIEW - THE SHROUDS @ THE VILLA Friday, 27th February 2005
To read John Peters' review of this stonking gig, click here.

THE GANDER - SIGNS OF LIFE ??? February 2005
Tuesday 22nd Feb
The Gander on The Green
Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth
A BRAND NEW acoustic night is coming your way...this is the opening night and many big Bournemouth NAMES are already booked! Run by good friends of the band, this promises to be great fun and a regular component of the Bounemouth music come along and help it grow!
The above is a quote from the gig-guide of 'Aquaphase'. Intriguing !!!

MOTHER'S RUIN @ THE MALT & HOPS Sunday, 6th February 2005
Mother's Ruin (AKA Pigfish?) never let us down. In spite of some minor equipment problems the band ploughed on regardless. At times funky, at times punky, always on fire. Not only are they musically supertight but I couldn't help but detect a marvellous feeling of camaraderie amongst the guys. Wouldn't have missed it for the world !!!

A sort of clash of the cultures occurred at The Green Room on Friday night. Entertainment was provided by the excellent and eccentric Bang Lassy. On the right was the Bang Lassy following, as far as I could tell. On the left was a totally separate (as far as I could tell) birthday party celebration. The birthday crew seemed largely oblivious to the wit and musical insanity of the girls. Their brilliant Abba and Kate Bush send-ups seemed largely wasted on the bun-fighters and jelly-squelchers. Towards the end of the evening I ended up in a bizarre conversation with birthday man who seemed to perfectly personify that fashionable phrase, '...should have gone to Specsavers...'. When he claimed to have written songs for Dire Straights (who?) and played for Newcastle United (probably not at the same time) I just knew it was time to go.

COWS ON THE TRACK Thursday, 3rd February 2005
'Cows on the Track' at Hinton Admiral resulted in a poor turn-out at Kyps on Thursday night. Never mind, all was not lost. Support band Renegade played a strong set. Included in the set was an extremely dark, minor key blues called 'Black Night' - perfect for Rene's vocal style. Excellent keyboards were suppied by Iain. I always was a sucker for that Hammond through a Leslie Cabinet sound. And for an encore, Renegade, chose a rare and challenging track, originally from James Brown - 'It's a Man's, Man's World'. They had adapted the song to suit the band but retained the intense passion of the original, largely thanks to Rene's raw and soulful vocals.
The main act, John O'Leary and band, started out really well with some fine playing from both the band's guitar players in particular. But sadly it seemed to drift after a few songs and I certainly wasn't alone in sloping off well before the end of their set. Sorry.
And in case you are wondering, yes, there really were cows on the track. I just heard it confirmed on the local news as I was writing this review. Five of the beasts were killed apparently.
Fascinating stuff, eh !!!

URGENT NEWS Friday, 4th February 2005
dom from the shrouds here
we have a real short notice gig popped up could you
advitise it please ... cheers
The Villa, Bournemouth, Fri 4th, 9 till late, 1 entry
thanks dom shroud
ps can you put our names in pink cheers
Sorry, there is a limit to what can be done for free. So the whole thing is in pink. But why pink ??? Am I missing something here ??? (Roj)

REVIEW - 6 BAND BASH @ CLUB DESTINY Thursday, 27th January 2005
To read Hot Tony's review of this mother of all gigs, click here.

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Remember 'Fans Of Kate' and the awesome set they did at King Arthur's Court last year?
Well here is a message from the band -
Hello all,
Just to let you know, we are starting our tour tomorrow in Rugby. We are playing around the UK for the next three months. All the way up to the Orkney Islands and everything.
Check out the website for details of gigs near you and we hope to see you at some of the them. We are taking photos again, so if you want to be in fans of fans of, be sure to talk to Jamie.
See you soon, we hope - Fans of Kate

MOJO @ THE MALT & HOPS Sunday, 30th January 2005
Mojo, featuring the gravel edged voice and scooped out grungie, flangie guitar sound of front man, Tony, played a nice couple of sets at the Malt & Hops on Sunday night. Nice to see a man wiping his fevered brow with a towel at the end of each song. No 'going through the motions' here. No ego trips either. Just good old balls and passion. Check 'em out, folks.

JUJUMANIA ON A SUNDAY AFTERNOON Sunday, 27th February 2005
Don't miss The Juju Men at The Punch & Judy, Bournemouth (next to Mr. Smiths') from 3pm to 5pm on Sunday, February 27th. Mellow atmosphere, friendly beers, delicious bar staff and music from the primeval swamp. To view a bizarre picture of two members of the band, click here.

INFLATABLE BUDDHA (Thursday, 20th January 2005)
Arts Institute @ Bournemouth BA Costume Presents:
CABARET 2005 - Fundraiser, Thursday 20th January 2005, 8pm - 2am
O'Neills pub, Old Christchurch Rd, Bournemouth
Fancy dress with a Moulin Rouge theme. ID required / 4 on the door.
Playing: Oxford's acid cabaret act Inflatable Buddha, singer songwriter John James Newman from Reading, and much more!! Plus all singing and dancing Arts Institute student cabaret...
If you can come along that'd be cool, see you there - if not, watch out for us as I think we'll be back in Poole at a bistro called Le Bateau some Sunday soon.
Cheers and all the best,
Su Jordan.

BASKET CASE @ THE MALT & HOPS (Sunday, 16th January 2005)
Basket Case - Highly Recommended. A strong repetoire of punkish-power-pop covers. Nice vocals and nice guitar and a rock solid rhythm section. Just one thing, though. I couldn't help but notice that the wall mounted TV, next to the stage, was left switched on throughout (a peculiar Malt 'n' Hops practice). And ironically it was switched to a music channel that was playing not just the same genre of music as the band, but occasionally, the same song. The disconcerting thing was that I, and many other punters, found ourselves listening to the band and watching the TV. The problem is, the guys on the TV kind of looked the part, if you know what I mean. Debauched, oozing attitude and mad as a hatter. Sadly, I couldn't really say this about the guys on stage. I suppose it's a case of 'haven't yet given up the dayjob'.

TSUNAMI APPEAL FUNDRAISER (Sunday, 16th January 2005)
Venue = The Central, Parkstone, 1.00pm - 10.30pm, Entry: TBA
Bands ( Upstairs - In no particular order )
Cold Earth, Rolling Dog, Maine Street, Dutch Husband, Since86, Battered Action Figure, Crime Rockets, The No-Nos, Fall Victim, The Stand Ins
Acoustic ( Downstairs - In no particular order )
Shanti Town/Acid Town, Goodnorth, Si Genaro, Adam Boucher, Jinder, Lounge, Scott Neil, Will Retriever, The Barker Boys, Naomi Hates Humans, Thom Gilbert (ex Picture Of A Wireless Hollow), Lionel Cutmore and Chandra Circa (TBC)

OPEN MIKE @ THE GREEN ROOM (Tuesday, 25th January 2005)
'Open Mike', as in open microphone, at The Green Room on the 25th. Not listed in 'Live Wire' for some mysterious reason but it is definitely on according to landlady, Zena. It was good on the 11th and so it will be good, or better, on the 25th. If you've got some songs that you want to unleash on the public at large, this is your chance. PA supplied. Take your own guitar, banjo, trombone, or whatever. For more details, phone Zena or Mike, as in Michael, not as in microphone, on
01202 393499.

THE GANDER - NO MORE LIVE MUSIC, EVER !!! (9th January 2005)
That's right, The Gander, certainly one of Bournemouth's finest venues, has finally been flushed down the toilet for ever. For more details, sarcastic comments, an evocative picture and a link to 'The Good Old Days' at The Gander, please click here.

'We have now gone deeper underground into Club Destiny (ex-Millenium),
smack in the heart of Old Christchurch Rd.'
(Conrad Barr - Rubber Soul main-man)

THE RETURN OF THE SHROUDS (Thursday, 27th January 2005)
the shrouds here, well one of em! Dom. we have a big special gig coming up in january. its a birthday bash for 3 of our birthdays mine, mickys and aarons! its at club destiny (upstairs) on the 27th jan! there will be us playing! The Yarbles from leicester and The Orphans from derby. both awsome bands. itll be 4 to get in. Trust me it cannot be missed!!!!
thanks dom
The Shrouds'

BURN RUBBER ON THE DANCEFLOOR (Friday, 21st January 2005)
Burn rubber on the dancefloor at The Green Room to the unstoppable retro-grooves of 'Funk Soul Brother' on the 21st. Unmissable !!! If you did miss it, then amongst other things you missed a classic version of the Isley Brothers classic, 'Who's That Lady?', featuring Simon Woods in cracking form on lead guitar.

THE ADORED - DON'T MISS 'EM (Thursday, 27th January 2005)
Don't miss The Adored at Club Destiny (downstairs) on Thursday, January 27th. Highly visual and musically rough edged. Perhaps a little like The Stones when they were a pub-band in Surrey back in the days of steam.

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BB Promotions
BB Promotions

Juju Men @ The Thomas Tripp
The Juju Men @ The Thomas Tripp

The Shrouds
The Shrouds

The End of Live Music @ The Gander
The End of Live Music @ The Gander


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