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Review - The Shrouds Big Birthday Bash -
Thursday, 27th February 2005 - by Hot Tony


Thursday 27th jan. Club Destiny - what a night for live music!!
the self titled The Shrouds Big Birthday Bash - 6 bands 2 floors the atmosphere was electric!
the night started off quite slow but quickly heated up as soon as you walked up the stairs! it showed from the start that upstairs was the place to be! small, sweaty and very very packed, just how a good venues supposed to be!

first to kick off the party were Derby boys The Orphans!! what can i say these boys know how to play their stuff!! a hard hitting set from start to end. great songs all catchy and memorable. and in true rock n roll style a great kit smash up! (much to the horror of young Micky Shroud) "arhh thats f*cking brand new" he squealed!!! but no harm done! if you get the chance to see again The Orphans take it!

next to play were The Yarbles from Leicester, these boys had it all! slow ones, fast ones, hard ones, soft ones. the crowd went wild! there was dancing, screaming, kissing. they were all true showmen! The Yarbles show great promise for the future! check out their website

to finish the night off were The Shrouds, Bournemouth's very own rock n rollers! after a long wait the boys took to the stage and from the word go they played their hearts out. playing a mixture of classic shroud tunes and brand new material that just went to show that these lads are only improving! the crowd loved every moment! towards the end of the set some equipment problem tryed its hardest to bring the show to an end but The Shrouds wouldn't have any of it and marched on bringing the roof down with a blazing version of the stomping classic She Said

all three bands made it a night to remember.
Happy Birthday to The Shrouds.

Hot Tony, Majestic Twelve Promotions


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