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SAT, 30 APR 2005 - Lillettes Farewell Gig @ The Green Room, Boscombe


The Green Room - Saturday, 30th April 2005 - The place was absolutely heaving and the temperature in the music room was positively equatorial! Bournemouth's one and only, dearly loved, all girl punk band, The Lillettes, put on a fabulous party. Such a shame that it was their last. The girls were looking good and sounding good. Angel Delite, singing through a megaphone and jiggling like a good'n, now that is a truely inter-gallactic vision. Plus, balloons, prizes, support bands, etc, etc, and on top of that a bar extension 'til 1am (thank you Mike and Zena). What more can I say?

Support band, Crosscut Saw, were in excellent shape from the word go, the best I've ever seen them in fact. A truely fired up set. The Yardbirds - their strength is in their songs. A succession of absolute classics from vintage 60's material like 'Heart Full Of Soul' and 'For Your Love' to much more modern tracks that I am not so familiar with. To be honest I am not convinced that latest lead guitarist, Jerry Donahue, is the right man for the job. But then Eric Clapton, and in particular, the amazing Jeff Beck, were always going to be impossible acts to follow. For pictures of the gig, click here.

Conrad Barr's Solid Air Acoustic Adventures moves from Club Destiny to The Green Room next month. More details coming soon. Interestingly this means that The Green Room will be featuring live music seven nights a week, no less. This is probably unique in the Bournemouth & Poole area. Well done, Mike & Zena.

Fans of Kateís new single -
ĎI Donít Know What To Do With My Handsí
is out on Monday 11th April.
Available to pre-order now from (the first 300 copies are signed).
Available to buy in the shops, HMV, Virgin, and any good independents.
Available to download from

BOSH @ THE GREEN ROOM Wednesday, 20th April 2005
New band, Bosh played a short but high quality set at the Green Room last night - at times jangling, at times spacious like a cathedral, at times psychedelic like vintage Pink Floyd, at times .........???
Great guitar tone, great vocal feel, great mp3s available at their website. Check out 'With A Smile' for example. This one has all the makings of a mainstream hit. Impressive stuff.

THE HAT + PRONGHORN @ THE GREEN ROOM - Review by Roj - Thursday, 14th April 2005
The Hat = Television + Roxy Music + The Beat + Talking Heads + ........ Weird & Wonderful!
Pronghorn = Insanity at its very best! ...... Outrageous!
Thanks for Boscombe Community Events for organising this extraveganza. There were at least three other acts on the bill too. Sorry, can't remember their names. Suffering from amnesia. There was an extension 'til midnight. Thank you, Mike & Zena. For pictures of The Hat, click here. Sorry, no pictures of Pronghorn. Couldn't get near the band. The dancefloor was a sea of wildly gyrating bodies. Never mind.

BLACKSMITH @ THE GREEN ROOM - Review by Talena Brayer - Wednesday, 6th April 2005
Blacksmith amazed audiences at The Green Room. A four piece with legendary guitar riffs, amazing bass and talented drumming, topped off with a zealous frontman. Astonishing covers of rock classics accompanied by a set of brilliant songs from the band themselves. Could go on for ages, but Iíll just recommend keeping a look out for their upcoming gigs. Check out the website at

CONNIE LUSH @ MR. KYPS - Review by Roj of The Juju Men - Saturday, 9th April 2005
What a voice, what a singer !!! At times it brought back sweet memories of P.P.Arnold, no less. What more can I say? Thanks, Connie. Keep up the good work.

PANACEA @ THE GREEN ROOM Friday, 1st April 2005
Panacea, a throbbing instrumental trance fusion with celtic and turkish influences, played a wonderful set at the Earthwise do at The Green Room on Friday. Perhaps best decribed as hypnotic and serpentine. Featuring some weird and wonderful instruments not often seen on this planet. And the icing on the cake - three gorgeous writhing belly dancers dressed in suitably exotic costumes. Wouldn't have missd it for the world.

DESTINY GIG - A RESOUNDING SUCCESS !!! Thursday, 24th March 2005
What more can I say? 6 excellent bands for a mere £4. And it goes without saying that Fans Of Kate stole the show. Well, in my opinion, anyway. To view pictures, click here. There is one picture of 'Juice', playing in the upstairs room. Here is what Conrad had to say about Juice -
'A very rare gig from the Purbeck combo, normally busy with their Evolution BMX collective, which organises major events all over the south/south-west. They're keen riders themselves...they had to cancel a Rubber Soul last year after ending up with various parts of the band in plaster!'

THE UNDESCRIBABLE FANS OF KATE Thursday, 24th March 2005
The undescribable Fans Of Kate appear at Club Destiny on Thursday, March 24th. What are they like? Undescribable, so I won't bother trying to describe them. They are also unmissable, so don't miss them. Pictures of the band at King Arthur's Court last year can be found here. Support is provided by The Shrouds and other guests. Be there !!!

HI YA Spring 2005
hi ya.
dom from the shrouds here.
were headlining at The Dublin Castle, Camden, London.
on May 1st 05. we are organizing a bus to london and
back for the gig. So if you want come then to just
email us at for more details

Hussy are back in the UK after a Fantastic 2 month tour of the French Alps. Thanks to everyone who made the experience a fantastic one and hope to see some of you again. The website has been updated with new pictures on the About You section and hopefully we will get a picture section dedicated to the French Alps Tour soon.

According to Live Wire Gig-Guide there is now live music at The Spyglass & Kettle, Southbourne Overcliff, every Sunday night. Loud rock music in sedate and sleepy Southbourne - whatever next ???

EARTHWISE @ THE GREEN ROOM Friday, 11th March 2005
Nice to hear some bottom-heavy vibrations in Boscombe on Friday night. Let's face it, there is a serious shortage of reggae on the Bournemouth live music circuit. Definitely a step in the right direction.

BLACK BART @ THE GREEN ROOM Thursday, 24th March 2005
Black Bart at The Green Room on Thursday the 24th - listed in 'Live Wire' as 'Alt Country Rock' - could be interesting - well worth investigating.

PEACE OFFERING @ THE GREEN ROOM Friday, 4th March 2005
Peace Offering shone brightly at The Green Room last night. A three piece with tight bass and drums, a marvellous and totally unique guitar sound and a singer who can really sing with emotion. Plenty of light and shade. Nice quirky songs. Plenty more I could say, but I won't. I'll just say to you, 'If you missed them this time, don't miss them next time'.

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Yes, there is life after death. What am I on about? Acoustic music rears its triumphant head at The Gander on Tuesday nights. For details see 'RECOMMENDED GIGS'.

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