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Review - The Shrouds @ The Villa -
Friday, 4th February 2005 - by John Peters


This was the second Shroud gig I've been to and it
just keeps getting better.
I thought I would miss the guys playing a finding the
venue proved to be a problem, but in the end I found a
group of people who were also Shroud fans and they
kindly let me tag along with them.

I missed the first support act and caught the second
act mid set, they were ok but nothing jumped out at
me, they reminded me of Jet but dirtier, and the front
man just wouldn't stop talking, a fairground worker
came to mind!

Now it was what I was waiting for, The Shrouds kicked
up a storm from the moment they stepped onto the
stage. Starting off with the new number 'Gypsy Kings'
It was lift off!!!

The crowd was sparse but the band played as if the
room was rammed and actually made me feel like the
venue was just too small for them.

The band powered through the set ripping out all the
classics, Thousand Miles, Fortunes Fool, the crowd
shakers My City Heart and Suitcase, to finish they
gave us the operatic guitar licking monster The Day
Before cleverly mixing in an old favourite Cynical
Smile, it was simply amazing.

When the boys came of stage I did manage to have a
chat to the front man Sam and bass player Dom, and
they were more than happy to share a beer!

What can I tell you GO and SEE this band for yourself
you will fall I love!!


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The Shrouds

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