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THU, 30 DEC 2004 - 'Big Blues Party' @ Mr. Kyp's, Parkstone


THE ONLY PLACE TO BE ON THE 30TH !!! (Thursday, 30th December 2004)
The only place to be on the 30th is Mr.Kyps. There is a massive blues party going on down there featuring just about every local musician who ever chucked out a 12-bar blues in some shape or form. And apart from that, there is nothing else happening on that night anyway. Even if you're not really a massive blues fan, it has to better than staying at home and watching the paint dry in your living room.

JUJU-MANIA ON XMAS EVE (24th December 2004)
Music from the primeval swamp, presented to you by The Juju Men, at The Thomas Tripp, Christchurch.
Everybody was there. And they weren't disappointed.

ALPHINO VS SIDESWEEPER (Thursday, 23rd December 2004)
Alphino vs Sidesweeper. No contest at all really. Alphino showed up and did their gig at The Green Room. Sidesweeper did not show up and do their gig at The Malt & Hops (as advertised by 'LiveWire' and indeed, as displayed on the blackboard outside the Malt & Hops). And anyway Alphino played some excellent music and brought along a sizeable following to see them at The Green Room. A good time was had by all. To check out a couple of members of the audience, click here.

Bruce was in explosive form at The Green Room on Saturday. Awesome guitar tone and a beautifully broken down voice. Surely this is how 'rock/blues' really oughta sound. On the very brink of madness. Some nice slinky dancing going on too. Sorry, no pictures. Check out Bruce's next gig and you'll see what I mean.

Total Recall at The Grange, Southbourne, turned out to be a resounding success. The bar had an extension to midnight and they served draught 'Ringwood 49-er'. And the band wasn't bad either. And three people turned up in "Total Recall - Official Fan" t-shirts. Now that is surreal! For more useless info, click here.

WHERE IS THE SEA CADETS HALL ??? (18th December 2004)
A highly recommended Boscombe Community Fair gig is coming up on the 18th. But where on earth is the Sea Cadets Hall? I think a map is urgently required for this one. If you have any useful info, please contact us.

'Who taught the birds to sing in the treetops?', answer, 'Nobody'. If you don't know what I'm on about then check out Geraint Watkins, creator of the clank'n'blues classic 'Nobody', at The Moreton Tea Rooms (can you believe)(near Wool) on Monday the 6th. If you can't make it to that gig then check out The Juju Men at The Lord Nelson on the afternoon of the 12th. They will be featuring a stonking cover version of this definitive track in their 2nd or 3rd set at this marathon, 3 hour gig.

I manage a band called The Operation who are filming a music video in Bournemouth in December (10th -12th).. We need any indy kids we can get for extras..
any ideas??
Thanks for your help
George Allen
EMP , tel: +44 (0)1225 782984, mobile: +44 (0)7909 995011.

LEISUR HIVE AT THE GREEN ROOM (Saturday, 4th December 2004)
Leisur Hive perform live at The Green Room, Bournemouth, Saturday 4th December, promoting their new album '3 Ton Edition' (as recently championed by XFM's John Kennedy).
"Leisur Hive are sounding like no one else now, they’ve gone way above any safe little pigeonhole, there’s no one to compare them with... A dark, slowly uncoiling post-rock open-wound adventure to change the way you stand…… highly recommended" (Org Records).
"Brooding, emotional music shattering the borders of intensity. Leisur::Hive are one of the few current bands who nail it." (Damn Pest).
Support comes from the twisted dolls-house fairy-songs of Razor Blade Kisses and dancey guitar based spook-pop from Screaming Banshee Aircrew.
Doors 7pm ish... Entrance is Free ! Everyone's on the guestlist! :)

REVIEW - This gig was an an unqualified success. Excellent music and a great party atmosphere. Rumour has it that there will be a similar gig on the first Saturday in February. Don't miss it. To sample the atmosphere of last Saturday's gig, click here.

JIMI LIVES ON (Friday, 26th November 2004)
Jimi lives on, in spirit at least. 'Purple Haze' (@ Mr. Kyp's on Friday night) were as close as you'll get to the real thing. The singer/guitarist looked and dressed like Jimi. He had all the mannerism's, he had that casual, almost throwaway, yet absoluely pricesless vocal style. Oh, yes, and last but not least, his guitar playing was so close, you couldn't get any closer. The show was on the edge, you could feel the passion and you could see the sweat flow before your very eyes. 'Purple Haze' - if you're a Jimi Hendrix fan and you missed the show, catch them next time around. You won't be disappointed.
To view Picture #1, click here.
To view Picture #2, click here.

THE UNDESCRIBABLE FANS OF KATE (Thursday, 18th November 2004)
Rubber Soul headliners, 'Fans Of Kate', can only be described as ... undescribable. Think of 'I Can Only Disappoint U' by Mansun, cranked up no no.11 on the passion scale ... no, that should read 111 !!! ... no, right first time, let's just say undescribable.
For pictures taken at an earlier gig, click here. For latest pictures, click here.
To visit the FOK website, click here.

RUBBER SOUL, ON THE MOVE AGAIN (Thursday, 25th November 2004)
Rubber Soul Alternative Music Showcase is turning into a veritable travelling circus. Here is what main-man, Conrad has to say on the subject.
'For the remaining 6 Rubbers of 2004, we go deeper underground @ Destiny (ex-Millenium), smack in the heart of Old Christchurch Rd.
The venue is managed by Ollie of Destiny Records, who regularly presents the cream of D&B/hard&fast every weekend.
Options will be open to continue, subject to a successful festive season.
As usual, we welcome comment on the messageboard, both pre & post re-launch on Thurs 25th Nov with The Hat + Feverkicks + Dutch Husband... '

FLOATING JUJU MEN @ THE GANDER (Friday, 19th November 2004)
The Floating Juju Men, a spontaneously thrown together fusion of The Floaters and The Juju Men, went down a storm at The Gander on Friday night. Could be described as music from the primeval swamp with floating vocals. Nice crowd, nice venue, nice band. Check out The Floating Juju Men at their next gig.

(Thursday, 18th November 2004)
The line-up = Fans Of Kate + Cordia + Crime Rockets + Bazuzu.
And Conrad reminds you of the following important facts -
'Doors 8pm ~ Entry £4 ~ Happy Hour till 9pm ~ Bazuzu will be on 1st @ 8.45pm ~
All sets 30mins ~ Midnight Bar'.

To view a map, click here.

To read a fascinating conversation between a member of The Shrouds and a tramp,
please click here. To view a classic picture of the band in action, please click here.
To see The Shrouds play live, be at Club Destiny, Old Christchurch Road on the night of
December 2nd.

Drifa Jay (indie/britpop) and Grizzly (ancient alternative folk) together created an excellent evening at The Green Room, Boscombe on Saturday night. The two keywords weird and wonderful certainly both apply. Very nice indeed.

The Recliners played The Green Room on Friday night. Sheer class. These guys don't just play an endless succession of 12 bar blues. They seem to explore all aspects of the blues, including those darker areas featuring beautiful minor chords. Mark on guitar, Tim on keyboards, Graham on bass and John on drums. They all know exactly whatt they are doing. Rock solid in a sort of understated way, if that makes sense. Lovely tone and plenty of light and shade. Highly recommended.

The only place to go on a Monday night is The Consortium at Bournemouth Square. The joint was really buzzing last night (Monday, November 8th). A massive crowd and a massive line-up of acts, all thanks to Conrad's Solid Air party. For me, high points of the evening were - the beautiful darkness of 'Eden', the intense passion of 'Romin' and the wonderful eccentricity of 'High Priests'. To view pictures, some taken by Shakey Jake and some taken by Steady Eddie, please click here.

FLOATERS - WILL THEY FLOAT OR WILL THEY SINK ??? (Sunday, 14th November 2004)
What am I on about? To find out, click here. Anyway, the answer is definitely the former. The band was on fire and though the audience were pretty apathetic at the start, that very soon changed. Great cover versions of songs from Jimi, Free, Z Z Top and many others. The Nelson is a good place to spend a Sunday afternoon. The only other local venue that has live bands on a Sunday afternoon is The Punch & Judy. They tell me that there is a good band playing at the P & J on Sunday, December 5th, by the way. But that's another story.

MUSIC FROM THE PRIMEVAL SWAMP ( Sunday, 12th December 2004)
Juju Mania on a Sunday afternoon - Beautiful bar staff - The awesome site of the 'Barfleur' departing from Poole to Cherbourg as a backdrop - Music from the primeval swamp - what are you waiting for? Answer - The Juju Men @ The Lord Nelson on the afternoon of the 12th December 2004.

ELECTRONICA - GOTH - METAL (Saturday, 6th November 2004)
'Green Room, Portman - Alternative Bands (Electronica, Goth, Metal)', that's how it was billed in 'LIveWire'. Vague but nevertheless intriguing. It turned out to be the best night at the Green Room in ages. And actually the keywords were right on target. 'When you're dancin', stamp on the floor like you're stampin' on George Bush's f*ckin' face". Thus spake the male half of 'Devilish Presley', the headlining band of the night. Now this man is definitely speaking my language. Well said, Brother. And the music was white hot. Zep, Cult, Pistols, Bowie, New Order, Prodigy could all be detected as influences. And the name of the last song was 'Black Leather Jesus'. Very nice!
To find out more, click here. You can view a couple of pictures if you want. As usual they are 'lo-fi' but 'hi-as-a-kite', or to put it another way, blurred but beautiful. To see for yourself, please click here.

THE RETURN OF EDEN (Monday, 8th November 2004)
Carl Chamberlain's band, 'eden', made an appearence along with many other alternative acts at the Solid Air showcase at The Consortium, on Monday. Always an intriguing band, 'eden' never disappoint with their beautifully crafted songs, bizarre arrangements and unconventional instrumentation. I hope that you didn't miss out on this event. A lot better than watching paint dry on TV.

Forget those boring old fireworks. Industrial Rockabilly exploded inside The George Hotel, Poole on Friday night. Somewhere twixt new Order and the Stray Cats, Marco and Mark set fire to this normally mundane pub with their crazy sonic fusions. At least I hope they did. I didn't manage to make it there myself. Did you? If so, please send us your review. One important question - Was the bonfire prematurely extinguished by the pub's unpredictable sprinkler system? What am I on about?
click here and all will be revealed.

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Two Members of the audience @ The Green Room
The Green Room

Juju Men @ The Thomas Tripp
The Juju Men @ The Thomas Tripp

Purple Haze @ Mr. Kyp's
Purple Haze @ Mr. Kyp's

Bazuzu in Cyberspace
Bazuzu in Cyberspace

Fans Of Kate @ The King's Park
Fans Of Kate @ King's Park

Cordia @ The Gander
Cordia @ The Gander

King Arthur's Court
King Arthur's Court

High Priests @ The Consortium
High Priests @ The Consortium


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