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Influences - Beatles, Oasis, Kinks, Coldplay, Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, Third World. Music Style - Britpop, Alternative Pop, Power Pop, Psychedelic, Reggae, Ska.

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Gripes & Whinges

!!! Juju Men !!! - Retro R'n'B from Bournemouth UK

Jukebox Duo
Live Human Jukebox from Bournemouth UK

Deja Vu

Rooms to Let - Bournemouth UK - Bazroomrent


Optikinetics Psychedelia

'Good Morning Gorgeous' by Bazuzu GOOD MORNING GORGEOUS

'I think I love you, Baby, yeah, I want you to be my
drop dead gorgeous, enough said, Monday morning girl'

Power pop with a positive 'Wakey, wakey, rise and shine' flavour .

'Veronica' by Bazuzu VERONICA

Mystery song. To find out more, click here .

'Sweet little sixteen,
Tell me where have you been?
Did you take a trip up to Buckingham Palace,
To visit the Queen?.'

'Teardrops' by Bazuzu TEARDROPS

Alternative Reggae

I dedicate this song to 2nd January 2018, Bournemouth UK
because it includes the immortal line -
'Inside out umbrella, horizontal rain'

'Scooby Doo' by Bazuzu SCOOBY DOO

Bazuzu ska cover version of the famous Scooby Doo theme song.
The song may sound particularly familiar because of its recent use in a Halifax Bank TV ad'.

The song and the associated TV series have an interesting history. Read More

Bazuzu do not own the copyright for this song

'Ashamed' by Bazuzu ASHAMED

Shimmering & Spooky

'Disappear' by Bazuzu DISAPPEAR

'I brought my magic carpet with me just in case
I wanna say 'bye bye' to the human race'

'Swimming Pool' by Bazuzu SWIMMING POOL

'This girl is hot and she knows it,
She's got the lot and she shows it'

pop-reggae with a twist and a surreal middle 24

'Lovebug' by Bazuzu LOVEBUG

"Once Bitten, Twice Shy"

'California Sun' by Bazuzu CALIFORNIA SUN

Bazuzu cover of a classic 60's surf track.
Originally written by Henry Glover and Morris Levy.
Recorded and released by Joe Jones in 1961.
Also a huge hit for The Rivieras in 1964
and for the Ramones in 1977.

California Sun by Joe Jones
California Sun by The Rivieras
California Sun by Ramones

Bazuzu do not own the copyright for this song

'Sitting On A Rock' by Bazuzu SITTING ON A ROCK

'Gazing at the sun setting over the bay.
Gazing at paradise fading away'

'Move' by Bazuzu MOVE

Burn rubber on that cosmic dancefloor.


Baby I'm Your Man
Elizabeth My Dear
Familiar Face *
Fly By Night
Going Through The Motions
Hour Of Darkness
If You Know What I Mean
I Like My Dreamworld
Is there Any Life On Planet Earth?
Lorraine (power pop)
Lorraine (weird version)
Louie Louie *
Lucy Liu
Peaceful Life
Rain, Rain, All Over Again
Rising To The Occasion
Ship On The Ocean
Silent Prayer
Sitting On A Rock
Slippery Slope
Somewhere Else
Twist And Turn
When My Girl Dances

RECENT SONGS - 2012 to 2018

Baby I'm Your Man (2014)
Dogwalker's Paradise
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl *
Got My Mojo Working *
Louie Louie *
Only The Music
Rose Coloured Window Pane
Scooby Doo *
Pretty Flamingo *
Strangers In The Night (reggae - instrumental mix) *
Swimming Pool
The Train That Never Comes (2016)
Tragic Roundabout
Veronica NEW !!!
Words Of Wisdom

* = Cover version. Copyright not owned by Bazuzu.


If You Know What I Mean

VIDEOS from other artists

Cruel Sea - Eden
Cherish - Kool & the Gang
Strangers In The Night (reggae - instrumental mix) *

MUSIC from other artists

Artistic rights for the above videos and the embedded songs are held by the featured artists in each case. The songs are Bazuzu favourites. No other connection exists between Bazuzu and the songs.


Bazuzu are a britpop band based in Bournemouth, U.K. Their songs are written by the somewhat oddly named, Roj Agogo. The band line-up is, and probably always will be, somewhat unstable. Simon Jones, Peter Wallbridge, Al Palmer and Terry Cheesman have all supplied the bottom-heavy vibrations at some time or other. Ted Wallbridge has played drums at all gigs to date except for the Bournemouth Live Music Festival for 2003, when Bob Mace took his place. Larry Curtis has played lead guitar for every gig to date. Roger Stronell (AKA Roj Agogo) has insisted on playing rhythm guitar and singing right from the very conception of the band. This man is really the only constant factor in the band, for better or for worse. Since he was responsible for writing all the songs, I guess this is only to be expected. Anyway, just to make a confusing situation even more confusing, Bazuzu played their most recent gig at the Green Room on July 2nd using a new experimental line-up. Roj fronted the thing on vocals and guitar and Bob Mace and Al Palmer backed him up on drums and bass respectively. And the icing on the cake was the amazing Dr. Zodiac on percussion. It turned out to be a highly memorable event. Bob and Al together form an unstoppable rhythm section. You may have seen them as 2/3 of Carl Chamberlain's band Funhouse. In which case you know what I'm talking about.

Well, if the band line-up is confusing then the music that the band plays is even more confusing. It lies in a sort of
no-man's-land, somewhere twixt britpop, alternative pop, acid pop and reggae. In other words, it's totally uncategorizable !!! Nevertheless I guess obvious influences might be The Beatles, Oasis, The Kinks, Coldplay, early Pink Floyd and even Bob Marley.


Friday, 18th April 2003The Green Room
@ The Portman Hotel, Boscombe
Bazuzu Launch Party
support from Jinder
Saturday, 31st May 2003The Central, Lower Parkstone
Friday, 27th June 2003
1.30pm (afternoon)
Bournemouth Pier ApproachBournemouth Live Festival
Sunday, 20th July 2003The Brunswick, Charminstersupport from Jinder
Friday, 25th July 2003The Green Room
@ The Portman Hotel, Boscombe
support from Pete Christie
Thursday, 21st August 2003The Green Room
@ The Portman Hotel, Boscombe
Sunday, 24th August 2003Winton Liberal Club, WintonThe set will consist of a mix of Bazuzu originals and 60's and 70's covers
Friday, 29th August 2003The Central, Lower Parkstonesupport from The Juju Men
Friday, 5th September 2003The Brunswick, Charminstersupport from Jinder
Friday, 17th October 2003The Green Room
@ The Portman Hotel, Boscombe
support from Kira
Friday, 19th December 2003The Green Room
@ The Portman Hotel, Boscombe
support from Pete Christie
Friday, 2nd July 2004The Green Room
@ The Portman Hotel, Boscombe
support from the mysterious "edenlite".
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Thursday, 18th November 2004King Arthur's Court , Bournemouth
King Arthur's Court Bazuzu Unofficial News
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also appearing -
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