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Way back in time, before the discovery of cyberspace, 'Bazuzu' slogged round the live music circuit. From the nightclubs of Bournemouth to the village halls of deepest Dorset (UK), the band played three minute pop songs to a mixture of disbelieving and disinterested rednecks and no-hopers. True to tradition, it wasn't long before the band became disillusioned and disintigrated. Singer, bass player, Roj Agogo then did a career swerve. He reinvented himself as a busker (street musician) in the South of France, playing the restaurant terraces and the slow trains from Cannes to Nice. This melancholy but inspirational period yielded a wealth of new material.

In the summer of 1999 Roj Agogo returned from La Cote d'Azur to Bournemouth and set to work converting this new material from notes on the back of train tickets into something more concrete. In the year 2000 he signed up with the original ''. This monster was really a glorified but absolutely massive social networking site and database for unsigned musicians. If not the actual first, it was certainly one of the pioneer sites of its kind.

From 2000 to 2004, or thereabouts, Roj Agogo was engaged in several activities - converting songs from scribbles to mp3's, writing new songs and uploading songs, both old and new, to This state of affairs continued until the sudden collapse of, sometime around 2005, if my memory serves me correctly. During the active period the song 'Minka' hit the no.1 spot in the britpop charts, once in October 2001, and again in May 2002. Exciting stuff eh!

As if there wasn't enough already going on, in late 2002, a real world, live Bazuzu band, was formed, consisting of real musicians. Countless rehearsals took place culminating in a 'Launch Party' at the Green Room in Boscombe UK. For the period 2003, 2004, Bazuzu existed not only in Cyberspace, but also on Planet Earth. Evidence of this terrestrial activity can be seen in the Bazuzu Gig-Guide.

During the subsequent period up until Spring 2005 a few more classic songs were created -

Going Through The Motions
Hour Of Darkness
If You Know What I Mean
Is there Any Life On Planet Earth?
Rising To The Occasion
Slippery Slope

Following the gig at King Arthur's Court on 18th November 2004 Bazuzu ascended back into Cyberspace. And after the 'release' of 'Slippery Slope' Bazuzu slipped into a state of deep
cyber-hibernation. To be honest the sequence of events during this period is blurred to say the least. So by now I am just as confused as you. But beware. Bazuzu has always been unpredictable. Who knows? Tomorrow Bazuzu may spring back into life, spirting out brand new three minute pop songs from every orifice. And after tomorrow, live performances on the moon perhaps. Who knows?