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by John Murray of Alchemy

"It's often the way that recommended bands don't somehow live up to the hype: happily, here's one that exceeds it: Bazuzu ! Playing their first ever gig in the intimate and smokey Green Room, one could be forgiven for thinking that Bazuzu had been gigging together for years. And when it comes to original, its not just the material, I was unable to attribute the style, fully justifying the 'original' accolade, people just don't write songs like this any more! Poppy hooks over a solid base, frequently with a great reggae groove form one of the most interesting and fresh performances I've heard. The lyrics, everything from dark satire, through irony and cynicism to subtle and downright humour, play cleverly on words. The writer has those rarely combined qualities, descriptive literacy (borne of experience?) and elusive ability to write about the mundane in a most lyrical and compelling fashion. Presented by fluid and competent musicians, this is the perfect combination, not only does the music breathe, it has a space, timbre and excitement all of it's own. Never a dull moment, Bazuzu are one of the few 'original' local bands that I would sincerely recommend."


Since its release into cyberspace in February 2001, "Minka" has attracted a great deal of interest and indeed has topped the britpop charts on two separate occasions. Furthermore, it has been interpreted in many different ways , by many different listeners. Curious???

Please note that the reviews below are not simply personal opinions. In some cases personal interpretations of the song are clearly implied too. These interpretations do not necessarily have any bearing on the original meaning intended by the songwriter.

Minka - "Porn-Pop for the Bottle-Fed"
(Steve Iannetti)
(And all the time we thought it was just another squeaky clean pop song!)

Minka - (Before) - "I want to hear the song so bad now" -
(After) - "I like it ... I love it ... How do we make money off it?"
(The Real Minka)

Minka - "Ah sweet mystery, a night I'll never forget...."
(Tim of Radium88)

Minka - "I swear the guitar sounds like Minka moaning?! In this case, more than a handful is a good thing!"
(Steve of Loadpuller)

Minka - "Not my style but its a cool tune.. its one of those tunes that when you're drunk with your friends you can sing out loud..."

Minka - "A Seminal Moment"
(John of Alchemy)

"A twangy love song that fits well within the pop tradition. Ladies and gentleman I don't know what this women did to that man but we're talking love here. And not the platonic variety either. Hot, sultry, unabashed love. Yet the lead singer pulls it all off in velvety tones spilling out over guitar chords like cognac being poured into a brandy snifter. The tension between the subject of the song and the lead singer's restrained tonality creates an unusual paradox. Bazuzu's production of Minka is clean and straight forward and the guitar work is tonally similar to Byrds circa 1964. The chords and rhythm section work handsomely against the lyric. All in all, Minka is a pop love song with passion and intelligence, it's an inflatable dream that's well worth the listen."
(Bruce, from the genuinely weird & wonderful Edzwood)

"Psychedelic haze behind the 60īs sunny pop! love it!!"
(Henrique, from The Tamborines)


Live Wire
Ian Peterson of Live Wire Listings had this to say about Bazuzu -
"If the CD they have sent me is anything to go by, this is going to be a band to watch. Simply the best thing I have heard for a long time. High quality Britpop with touches of reggae - acid and fresh sounding. Excellent songs - fresh and original sounding."

BBC Radio Solent
Simon Marks of BBC Radio Solent has kindly included Bazuzu in his showcase spot.
To read his review, please
click here.

"You write tunes that are really clever, yet they parade as simple pop songs." (Salvatore Angelone)

"If Freddy and the Dreamers took Acid...this is what it would sound like ?"
(Steve Webb of Feed The Cobweb)

"Finally got around to listening (rain, liz, minka, and life) - you've got quite the knack for penning pleasant little BritPop tunes. Kind of reminds me of Cast playing The LA's whilst relaxing at the Oasis munching on chocolate covered Beatles. And you even used "twixt" which gives you 10 bonus points."
(Brian of Third Person)

(Paul Hills of Mr. Kyps)
Draw your own conclusions - Roj


Rising To The Occasion - "Love it!! Also went to your site there and am playing each of them too. And yes have ALWAYS been on the brink of madness!!!! SmOOtCh! Judee"
(Judee Plourde)

Rising To The Occasion - "Mellow east coast vibes!"
(Tim of Radium88)

"Angel is a hauntingly sweet tune, mon -- summons up all those fleeting moments of yearning, when angels of distant adorability appear before our eyes all too briefly, so close & yet so far away. . ."
(Peace Wilson)