Bazuzu, Alternative Rock. Original Release Date, 2001.

Disappear - BAZUZU


Verse 1
Gonna fly away, to a distant place
Gonna take a little holiday in outer space
Oh, isn't it a lovely day
Gonna drift away, to quiet place
Gonna say "bye bye" to the human race
Oh, isn't it a lovely day

Verse 2
Gonna take a little walk, to a beautiful place
And the weather girl says that it's gonna be sunny
But I'll take my umbrella with me, just in case
Gonna take a little ride, to a faraway place
And I don't have to worry if I've got no money
'Cos I brought my magic carpet with me ...
... just in case ... just in case ...
... just in case I wanna say "bye bye",
... to the human race

Middle 12
Tell me do you agree with me
When I say that it would be
An exceedingly excellent idea
To simply close the door and throw away the key
Come on, Baby, take a walk with me
Together we'll say farewell to the big bad world
Yes, we're gonna walk that walk before it's too late
The gentle clink of the garden gate
'll be the only sound that you and I will hear
As we gently disappear

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