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A conversation between
Dom, from The Shrouds & 'John', the tramp.

we are playing @ Club Destiny, Old Christchurch Rd, Bournemouth. 2nd December 2004. Doors 9pm.

The following is a conversation between Dom and a tramp who called himself John outside Natwest Bank, The Square, Bournemouth talking about the event in question.

J= John the tramp
D= Dom

J. Excuse me but you haven't got any spare change have you?
D. No sorry mate.
J. What nothing? not even the date of your next gig?
D. Well we do have another little gathering of souls cominig up!! CLUB DESTINY!!!
J. WHAT!!! thats a hardcore ravers choice location for pill popping madness!!
D. Yes yes it is !
J. But The Shrouds aint Ravers are they?
D. No no were not !
J. So why are you guys playing this famous ketamine hovel?
J. Are you on a mission to drive out this vile form of "ear pollution" from our fare streets forever?
D. NO no i dont think so!
J. So then why?
D. We were asked to after a gig at the consortium.
J. It could be a trap have you thought of that?
D. What kind of trap do you speak of ?
J. One that could kill rock n roll!!
D. WHAT!! dont be fuckin stupid!!
J. There could be a gang of headfucked ravebellys. and they have devised a evil plan to invite bands to play in their venue, to invite as manys dedicated rock n rollers as possable and when the place is heaving with bodys BAMM!!! they blown the fuckin place up! then bye bye rock n roll! what do you say to that?
D. Well i spose its possable.
J.So tell me, after ive told you of these horrors and nasty little plots that those water sipping bastards could have in store for you, are you guys still going to play there?
D. Yeah of couse!
J. Well ok then! its up to you... at least if the place does go up in 300ft high flames ill be able to keep walm that night!!! (he then cackles for some time).
D. OK then! i have to make a move see you......
J. So then have you got any spare change for me then?
D. ill have a look (i search my pockets and find 20p)
D. There you go (gives him cash)
(john the tramp now egnores me and go's onto his next victim)


Dom was very drunk at the time of the conversation and had no means of recording or taking notes. so what you have read has been extracted for his hazy hungover memory.. Were all very sure that the Tramps predictions of clubs blowing up will not become reality.. So please dont let any of what you have read put you off coming..

Remember-------- Club Destiny December 2nd December doors 9pm-------------

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