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SAT, 20 DEC 2008 - Total Recall @ The Grange, Southbourne

SAT, 03 FEB 2009 - The Juju Men @ The Grange, Southbourne


SPECIAL FESTIVAL OF ALTERNATIVE MUSIC 6th December 2008 & a lovely local student nurse have organised an all-day gig
in aid of Dorset Cancer Centre.
It takes place at The Gander (Lansdowne), this Saturday 6th December, from 2.00pm.
Live music starts at 2.30pm and goes through 'til 11.00pm, courtesy of (in approx order!):-
Language, Timothy! ~ Creepythinguy ~ Grant Sharkey (stand-up comic) ~ Blind Voyeurs ~
Yaaard ~ A+E Line ~ Deltorers ~ Rowse ~ Dickie Beacon ~ Dutch Husband ~ Animal Talent Show
Followed by a big raffle with prizes donated by local business & all involved.
3 entry before 6pm, 5 after
All proceeds from the door & raffle go to Dorset Cancer Centre.
For more details visit website.
Or the Facebook event page.

ANNA'S BLUS NIGHT AT THE BLUE BOAR November & December 2008

Tuesday night has always traditionally been the most boring night of the week from a live music perspective. This has now changed forever. Anna, manager of the Blue Boar in Poole, has set up a regular blues night every Tuesday in November and December. If the experiment is successful, no doubt it will continue into 2009. To show your support come along on Tuesday, 11th November and witness the fabulous Juju Men in action. If you are a musician and into this kind of music, come along and have a blow. The more the merrier !


Check out 5 new mp3's by Total Recall, all recorded at the Red Shoot, Linwood
on Sunday, 31st August 2008. Despite being recorded and on a vintage 4-track cassette based machine the result is surprisingly impressive. So, lo-fi, no frills, 'plug in and go' technology triumphs once again.
To listen to the five masterpieces, visit the Total Recall website and click on 'Listen to Songs'


Young original IOW band, Fuzzy Digitz seeks gigs in the Bournemouth area. Self classified as rock/hip hop/acoustic, this band sound pretty edgy. Check out their music online at Fuzzy Digitz @ MySpace. If you are a venue featuring alternative original acts, give them a try.


Remember that vintage psychedelic track from Jimi Hendrix, no less? Well, it appears that the phrase 'This house is burning down' might well apply to local venue, the Chequers at Lytchett Matravers. Nobody seems to know what is going on. Rumours are that a recent fire has damaged this establishment. The phone rings but nobody answers. And what about forthcoming gigs at the Chequers - are they on or off? - who knows? If you have any info, please contact us.


Check out this blistering slice of local 'New Country' from Black Bart

STING MEN @ THE GRANGE Friday, 11th July 2008

At the Grange, Southbourne tonight - The Juju Men with fabulous guest singer, Toph, formally of The Stingrays. So tonight, there will be a little bit of rock 'n' roll, a lttle bit of rhythm 'n' blues, a little bit of new country and loads of gyrating bodies on the dancefloor. Be there or be 'L7' !!! ???


The Portman Hotel, Boscombe, home to the legendary 'Green Room', is now under new management. Much loved Mike and Zena have disappeared into the distance. The Green Room is said to have become The Pink Room. According to 'Live Wire' gig-guide there is music on there every Thursday, Friday & Saturday. That sounds like good news. But sadly it is not. Cancellations and disappointments are coming in thick and fast. Nobody seems to have a clue what's going on. Well, that's a surprise! So, if your favourite band (eg: the excellently eccentric Meat Draw) is listed in the gig-guide, don't automatically assume that this has any connection with what's going on in the real world. To avoid disappointment, phone to confirm before leaving home.

A RARE APPEARENCE Friday, 2nd May 2008

An extremely rare appearence by The Juju Men at The Grange, Southbourne, coming up on
Friday, 2nd May. Yes, this gig is really going to happen unlike some previous dates that never materialised due to confusion in the upper stratosphere. If you are into music from the primeval swamp and are also into burning rubber on the dancefloor, this is the gig for you. This one promises to be a real stonker.

LONG TIME DEAD Thursday, 3rd April 2008

O'Neill's, Bournemouth on a Thursday night - featured band = Long Time Dead - Fronted by a girl singer with a rockabilly ponytail, a voice like Janis Joplin, whirling a microphone with one hand and clutching a pint of lager in the other - to be sure, this is rock 'n' roll at its edgiest.
Highly recommended.


Another live music goes down the pan. This time it's the King Charles in Poole. So, if you are in a band and you have been given dates for 2008 at this venue, sorry, this is going to come as real bad news.

RIDING ON THE CREST OF A WAVE Tuesday, 4th March 2008

Riding on the crest of a wave - South Coast's top garage, surf band, The Pashuns proved the point at Centre Stage last night with their short & sweet set of blistering original surf tunes.
Be sure to catch them at their next gig.
In the meantime check out the latest pictures of The Pashuns.


Argueably the South Coast's top garage, surf band, The Pashuns will be supporting the excellent Velvet Hearts at Centre Stage, Westbourne, tomorrow night, Tuesday, 4th March 2008. They say that surf music will be the next big thing here in Bournemouth. Therefore be there to catch a rare glimpse of the boys in action. Tuesday is traditionally the deadest night of the week. Not so, as from tomorrow. Ride on the crest of the wave ......

WHEN ??? ???

When will The Pashuns and The Death Valley Riders link up to do a joint gig? Sunny Bournemouth's only two instrumental garage surf bands make an ideal match, so come on, guy's, get it together.

MASSACRE AT THE CRICKETERS Saturday, 23rd February 2008

The Cricketers - fabulous , friendly little pub in Windham Road - unchanged by the passing of time.
Texas Drag Queen Massacre - described by one member of the audience as goth, grunge, metal - Superb little band playing in an intimate little corner of the pub - enthusiastic crowd - dressed to kill - great sound - excellent singer - looked the part - sounded the part - many an 80's classic was unearthed and nicely twisted to suit the band's own style - 'Tainted Love' was so good that they played it twice - Say no more.


After a lengthy period of absence, the dreaded Bazuzu, is threatening to rear its ugly head once again. And with some new and decidedly odd pop songs never heard before on Planet Earth.
You have been warned.
For further Bazuzu alerts, Watch This Space.

Proclaimed as 'Dorset's Hottest Acousic Band', Rude Not 2 look pretty impressive from their website. In particular, their repetoire of songs is massive and incredibly varied. Worth checking out, I would say. Next gig - The Victoria Cross, Ashley Road, Parkstone on Friday, March 21st

RESOUNDING SUCCESS Saturday, 9th February 2008
As promised the The Juju Men @ The Richmond Arms gig was a resounding success. Gyrating bodies on the dancefloor, both in the vertical mode and the horizontal mode. Large quantities of ale were consumed by one and all. Harps wailed and guitars twanged in splendid fashion. Yes, against all odds 'retro rhythm & blues' is alive and kicking. Wah ... Hey ... !!!

TOP PRIORITY GIG Saturday, 9th February 2008
Definitely not to be missed -
The Juju Men @ The Richmond Arms, Charminster on Saturday, 9th February 2008. As you may or may not know, the Richmond has only recently turned itself into a serious music venue.
We, The Juju Men, want to pack the place out on the 9th thereby making Mike, the landlord, a very happy man. The venue has a lot in its favour. Everybody's heard of it and it is in a very prominent location, right in the heart of cosmoplitan Charminster. On Saturday nights it starts to heave even without the benefit of live music. And as for the band in question, well, I am sure you are very familiar with our style - "what you see is what you get", no frills, scruffy old vintage amps, stonking songs, somewhere twixt blues and rock 'n' roll, unstoppable steam train rhythms. And then there is blues harp wizz-kid, Hugh Budden. We mustn't forget him. So, how can you resist? Burn rubber on the "dancefloor" at the Richmond on the 9th.

BEAVER MANIA 27th January 2008
Fed up with bald headed fifty year old ugly bugs, playing 1973 rock? Fed up with insurance salesmen and bank clerks playing 1973 rock as a sad sort of hobby? Catch Mark & The Beavers at their next gig. They are not old. They are not ugly. They give it passion. They give it stick. And these guys can really play. They don't only play 1973 rock, but also a bit of the 21st century stuff too. The guitarist is sh*t hot and so is the bass player and so is the drummer. Just three men giving it 110%. Superb vocals and without the aid of a safety net, ie: no vocal foldback. Can you believe that ??? !!!

Mr. Kyps, Parkstone is linking up with The Opera House, Boscombe. The Opera House is a magnificent building with a fascinating history. Previously known as Tiffany's and the Royal Ballrooms, the venue has played host to such iconic rock bands as Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin in the early 70's. But its history goes way back to much earlier times and its decor' defies description. Find out more by visiting the Opera House official website.

BIG BLUES PARTY Friday, 4th January 2008
The ever popular annual ......

'Big Blues Party'

...... returns to Mr. Kyps, Parkstone on Friday, 4th January 2008. This gig is organized by blues harp wizz-kid, Mr. Hugh Budden and features 'Blues Etc.', The Juju Men and guests. In past years this event has been without doubt a resounding success, so don't miss out this year. Tickets are just 5 on the door on the night, but, it could be a sell-out, so to avoid disappointment, buy your tickets in advance. For more info CONTACT US.

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Fuzzy Digitz
Fuzzy Digitz

Legend - The ultimate Bob Marley tribute band
Legend -
The ultimate Bob Marley tribute band
at the Poole Park Festival 2008

Riding on the crest of a wave - The Pashuns @ Centre Stage
Riding on the crest of a wave -
The Pashuns
at Centre Stage

Blurred but Beautiful - The Death Valley Riders at The Green Room
Blurred but Beautiful -
The Death Valley Riders
at The Green Room

The Pashuns
The Pashuns

The Green Room
The Green Room


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