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FRI, 30 JUN 2006 - Death Valley Riders @ The Green Room, Boscombe

SUN, 02 JUL 2006 - The Juju Men @ X'church Fest. (from 12.50hrs approx)


Final band to appear at the Solid Air showcase at The Green Room on Thursday were the fabulous 'Fuzz Eddie'. Well worth waiting for. Funky and decidedly odd. Mad song titles, super-funky rhythm section, freaky guitar frequently entering the psychedelic zone. To view a "fuzzy" picture click here .

'Death Valley Riders' and 'Hot Rod Jesus' played the Green Room on Saturday night. What a classic combination. Sort of 'Dark Surf' meets 'Industrial Rockabilly', whatever that means. Particularly excellent was the guitar sound of the DVR's. Brassy, spacious and trimmed with a dangerous edge, as rough as sandpaper. Great melodic hooks, just like back in 1955, when widdling hadn't even been conceived, fortunately for the world. So all you widdling 'rock' guitarists out there, there is a lesson to be learned here. Anyway it was brilliant gig. If you missed it then make sure you don't miss the next appearences of these two superb bands in an alehouse near you.
To view lo-fi photos of the DVR's, click here. And beware of low flying UFO's ......

Yes, indeed - a classic track from Canned Heat. But actually what I'm referring to is Conrad's 'Rubber Soul'. It appears that the alternative music showcase has returned to the Green Room, Boscombe for its regular Thursday night spot. Highly recommended - not be missed - for more info click here.

SPRING MUSIC FESTIVAL Saturday, 27th May 2006
Hello, thought you might be interested...
Sat 27th May 2006 - The Gander, O'Neills, Old Fire Station
3 venues, 1 ticket (5), 14 hours, 20 odd bands.....
12pm kick off.
Line up .....
Acoustic sessions, Empty Reflections, Micheal Wookey Band, Fearne, Sam & Craig,
Russell Edmonds Band, Renegade, Klassic, Raizing Cain, Lost Aura, Genaro Project, Voodoo Vegas, Rodeo Seven, The Rain Dogs, Butcher Blues Foundation, Mohair, Reverand Hotfoot Jackson,
Mighty Mojo Flames, Brigade.
Interesting to note that The Gander is one of the venues listed. Good to see that, against all odds, this fine establishment is refusing to lay down and die. Perhaps the future is not so dark after all?

NEW NAME - FUZZ EDDIE Saturday, 6th May 2006
'Fuzz Eddie' - highly recommended - headlined at The Green Room on Saturday. Though they are catagorized as funk/jazz there are bits of Talking Heads, XTC and lots more besides embedded in this band's music. They are quirky, stripped down and crazy looking and their songs have bizarre titles. Unique & Eccentric.

Message received from Rideo 7 -
Hi Roj
Just to let you know the Rodeo7 & Raindogs Gander gig has been cancelled on Friday 28th April.
The following notice appeared on the Solid Air website from a Gander rep. Lets hope things get sorted soon
'This is official notice that all band gigs at the Gander including open mike nights on a Tuesday are cancelled until further notice as new owners are due to take over... Hopefully in the not-to-distant future there will be music on two floors and the Gander will be restored to it's former glory... We apologise unreservedly to any bands who were scheduled to play, customers of the Gander'
Rich (Rodeo7)

I can't help but feel this man's hope is somewhat forlorn. Let's hope I'm wrong. But I have to say that since January 2005 'The Gander' seems to have totally lacked any direction and has simply been spluttering like an old engine that refuses to die ...

SOasis @ Centre Stage, last night - stonking gig - heaving crowd - wall of sound -
wall to wall Oasis classics - inc. Wonderwall & Champagne Supernova !!!

SUBLIME SUPERNOVA Thursday, 6th April 2006
I was lucky enough to catch the amazing Oasis tribute band known as 'SOasis' at The Green Room last night, Thursday. They appeared courtesy of Boscombe Community Fair. Many thanks. I wouldn't have missed it for the world. You may have guessed by now that I am a serious Oasis fan. Here are my thoughts.
The band had - the stance, the sneering vocals, the roaring wall of sound, the union jack guitar, the glorious fog, the delicious sludge, the thunderous beat, the bass in the right place, the jangling guitar hooks embedded firmly into the mix, and above all, 'Champagne Supernova' was nothing short of sublime. Am I making myself clear? You just have to catch this superb tribute band at Centre Stage, next Wednesday, the 12th April.

AGAINST ALL ODDS Saturday, 15th April 2006
Against all odds The Juju Men will be appearing at The Dean Park Inn, Bournemouth
on Saturday, 15th April 2006.
Despite rumours of music license violations, management cock-ups and general confusion,
this gig is on. Get there early to avoid disappointment. The place will be absolutely heaving. This is probably the last time you will ever witness live music in this particular establishment, so be there or be square. And if the music turns out to be not your cup of tea, remember, you are within easy staggering distance of Bournemouth town centre.

( ****** Come to Sunny Bournemouth - binge drinking capital of the South Coast ****** )

Monkey business + industrial rockabilly reared their weird and wonderful heads at the Green Room on Saturday, the 1st. No, not an April fool joke. Yes, a highly recommended gig. Therefore if you are wondering what I'm on about - where were you on the 1st ???.

HIGH PRIORITY GIG !!! Saturday, 8th April 2006
High priority gig at the Green Room on Saturday, 8th April. When I say 'high priority' I mean this gig is unmissable. If you are not there, brother, you are nowhere. The band in question is called 'Brothers Grimmer'. A weird and wonderful name, I hear you say. Yes, indeed. And as for the music, I feel confident in saying that you will not be disappointed, for the music is weird and wonderful too.
To find out more about a previous sighting of the band, either click here, or click here . And while we are on the subject, why not view a blurred image of that previous sighting.

The Juju Men @ Bluebird's Line Dancing Contest, Longham - What's that all about ???
Come to Bluebirds Social Club, Longham on Saturday night and find out for yourself. It is indeed a surreal phenomenum. Those guitars will be clanking, that blues harp will be wailing and those
die-hard line dancers will be strutting there stuff on the dancefloor. At times it will be hard to keep a straight face, believe me.

Monday lunch-time got a call from a certain Bournemouth music venue... "We've no music licence so we've had to cancel a few bands until we do, yours included"!!! 5 days notice! And I just turned down a lucrative function gig 'cos I always honour my gigs. Now it's too late to get another. Jesus Christ! It's not as though this licencing thing crept up on them all unawares; pubs, breweries and other entertainment establishments have had a long time to get this sorted, after all, it's their business to know about it! But the Dean Park is not the first; a well-known Lulworth pub couldn't even sell alcohol as they missed their's completely - hardly surprising when you consider the fact that they have double-booked most of the bands in the area.
My band goes out of it's way to promote, market and perform professionally but when dealing with some members of the licenced trade it seems that I have to accept a much lower standard on their side. It's getting to the point where the 'fun' of playing pubs is not worth the crap money and hassle - I never had a problem with, dare I say, 'social clubs'!!!
Here's another:
Free was a good band but it's not a good concept....
A music pub in Tiptoe asked for a CD, never bothered to listen to it, said they were well booked up, then asked me to do a free Thursday night gig! The idea was that if they liked us, we would get regular gigs but as they are, by their own admission 'well booked up' I sense a con here. There may well be bands that are willing to go out cheap, they are usually the ones with no lighting rig, second-rate PA system and gear, and more ego than ability, but not us. We're not desperate for gigs and certainly don't want the bad name that going out cheap or free gets. Bands that do this should ask why they can't get paid gigs and stop devaluing the market, which is bad enough without their contribution. It's a fact that you never make money in a pub, by the time you consider travel, strings, beer and overall gear costs there's nout left over; it's a good night out. We do corporate gigs for the money, we do pubs for the fun, but don't take the piss - free gigs? Get a life!
(message sent by a weary local musician)

Message to all live music venues -
My name is Johnny. I am the drummer for 'The Antidote', who are based in London. We are booked to play at the Upton Festival on Saturday, 15th July 2006. We would very much like to do another local show on the Friday, to make it worth the long trip. Can you guys help please. We are a classic rock band, mature and tighter than a gnats chuff! We do all the usual suspects (Jimi, AC/DC, Zep, Queen, Purple etc), however we do do a couple of twisted Abba and Neil Diamond tunes in a rock stylee if you know what I mean? (demo available on request)
Johnny Hurt.

EGYPT Thursday, 20th April 2006
Egypt will be performing on Thursday 20th April @ Centre Stage, 14 Queens Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH2 6BE, 01202 540065, entry=6.00 (next to the Pig & Whistle pub). Egypt is a Blues/Rock three piece band formed in 1987. (Based in the UK)
Eric Chipulina - Guitar/Vocals
Alan Fish - Bass/Vocals
Peter Correa - Drums
All three are former members of legendary Progressive Blues outfit The Groundhogs, appearing in several albums and touring throughout UK and Europe over many years. Alan's credentials also include playing with members of Welsh HM pioneers Budgie in the band Tredegar, two albums for ex-Bo Diddly harp player Billy Boy Arnold, and a European tour for Chuck Berry among other things. In June 2004 they released their third CD Midnight Sun, the first of three planned for Blues Matters Records, and are currently gigging & organizing gigs in the UK and Europe.
Please contact us if you need any more information or check out our website for MP3s etc.
More gigs and details at updated regularly.
Gigs can change without notice, always check before you travel.
Eric: 01638 750774 (gig info/mailing list)
Alan: 01692 652326 (bookings)
Latest CD 'Midnight Sun' out now on Blues Matters Records.

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