Hitomi Tanaka Fanclub

Hitomi Tanaka Fanclub

Hitomi Tanaka Fanclub

Hitomi Tanaka Fanclub

Hitomi Tanaka Fanclub

Hitomi Tanaka Fanclub

by Zebravox


Zebravox dedicates this site to the one & only, undisputed, drop-dead-gorgeous, oriental, big boob queen - HITOMI TANAKA XXX
She Looks So Fine

Pop Reggae

'She has a certain way of dancing
She has a certain way of singing her song
She has a certain way of driving me crazy ......'

lyrics to the song 'She Looks So Fine'

Echo Echo NEW !!!

Alternative Dance

'Dance, dance, dance, like the devil.
Set fire to my unholy dreams'

lyrics to the song 'Echo Echo'


Old Skool Dogvoice Funk

'Mega mega mover, mega mega mover, intergalactic super groover'

lyrics to the song 'Slinky'

Bad Girl

Dark Heavy Reggae

'Her beauty is truly sublime,
She's a bad bad girl and I wish she were mine'

lyrics to the song 'Bad Girl'

Hitomi (live version)

Song dedicated to the one and only oriental big boob queen, Hitomi Tanaka.
Live version - raw - warts & all - WYSIWYG.
Live vocals, guitar, bass & drums by UK unsigned band, Zebravox.
The only 'add on' is Hitomi's hysterical laugh.
Oh, Hitomi. If only you could be there with us, live on stage.
That would be truely intergalactic !!!

lyrics to the song 'Hitomi'

Hitomi (studio version)

Song dedicated to the one and only oriental big boob queen, Hitomi Tanaka.
Psychedelic power pop featuring layered jangling guitars, stonking rhythm &
hooky chorus. Lyrics contain thinly disguised sexual double entendre and
references to big breast obsession. Check it out. You won't be disappointed.

lyrics to the song 'Hitomi'

Dreaming a Dream

'From the very first time that I saw you, girl,
Your sensuality really, really hit me like a brick'

Happy Birthday 2018, Hitomi. 'I like you, I love you, I want you'

lyrics to the song 'Dreaming A Dream'

I Want That Girl

'Oh, yes, I want that girl,
I bet you want that girl,
Just like I want that girl,
Oh, yeah ...'

Hitomi fans, this one is for you.

Picture Of The Day

A song about obssession.
Thank you Santana, for inspiring the groove.
Thank you Hitomi, for inspiring the lyrics.
If you are a Hitomi fan, you will know what this song is on about.

'Picture of the day, picture of the day.
All I wanna say is, you blow my mind away.

lyrics to the song 'Picture Of The Day'

We Do What We Do

Alternative Power Pop

"We play the music that we like, that we like,
And if you don't like it, better get on your bike,
Or you could take a little hike all the way down to Timbuktu."

lyrics to the song 'We Do What We Do'

Quirky Style

Burn rubber on the dancefloor to this dangerously hooky
old skool disco classic

'I'm no fool and I can tell
You're always gonna be somebody else's girlfriend.
I don't stand a cat in hell's chance
Of ever being your one and only boyfriend.'

Hitomi fans, I think you know what I mean.
And as always, thank you, Hitomi , for the inspiration.

lyrics to the song 'Quirky Style'

Pigs Are Gonna Fly

A decidedly odd pop song with a distinctly speedy ska feel.

'Sometimes I wonder, have I lost my way in life?
Sometimes I wonder, what the hell is going on?

A familiar feeling ...

lyrics to the song 'Pigs Are Gonna Fly'

Bumpy Bus

'When I feel like this, all I need is a kiss, from your sugar sweet lips,
Yeah, that's all that I need'

Hitomi fans, I think you know what I mean.

And as always ...Dear Hitomi ...
Thank you so much for the pleasure you bring
and for being the inspiration of the song that I sing.

lyrics to the song 'Bumpy Bus'

More Music by Unsigned Artists

Compilation - Unknown Chinese Female Singer

Enough Said

An April fool joke that back fired. Oops ...
So sorry, Hitomi. No offence intended.
On behalf of all UK fans - thank you for the happiness you bring

This song - 2016 version of Dr. Feelgood - maybe ???

Enough Said ...

lyrics to the song 'Enough Said'

Who Gives A Damn

'Bark at the cat, howl at the moon,
Same old story, different tune.
Mad as a hatter, What does it matter,
Who gives a damn why I wanna be your cucumber man.

Bittersweet Obsession

'To be sure I am aware this is a bittersweet obsession,
So obvious, it's plain to see,
This crazy buzz has really got a hold on me.

Psychedic Disco laced with Isley Bothers-ish fuzz-phased guitar.

lyrics to the song 'Bittersweet Obsession'


'I love that turquoise dress that you're wearing more or less,
but most of all I love the way that you display your sexiness.'

What more can I say, Hitomi, my dear?

A relentless unstoppable throbbing power pop song.

lyrics to the song 'Staircase'

Bad Signal

Dark Industrial Dance.
The frustration of trying to visit Hitomi's Talk Room while walking in the forest
where the signal comes and goes like a yoyo. No wi-fi in this neck of the woods.
Ughh !!!

'No matter what you do,
You're never gonna make it to paradise.'
Subliminal anti-terrorist message?
Not intentional but one cannot argue with the profound truth of these words.

lyrics to the song 'Bad Signal'

Burn Rubber

Psychedelic Disco - The title says it all.

'Burn rubber on the dance floor,
That's exactly what it's there for.'

'You've got to be there or you'll never find out
Exactly what it is that I'm on about.

lyrics to the song 'Burn Rubber'

Hey Hey Hey Ho

'Little girl, you're gonna drive me insane'.
I wonder, who is that little girl to whom the song refers.
Hitomi. Thank you so much for the inspiration.


If I had never been, 'mesmerized as you apply the slippery lube',
this song would never have been written. So, a big, big thank you
to you, Hitomi. Especially as I have been advised that this hooky
pop song could be a mega hit if I would only clean up the lyrics.
Now why on earth would I want to do that?
Oh, and if you hadn't already guessed,
'Betty Boob' = 'Hitomi Tanaka' .
Sorry about that but 'Tanaka' just doesn't rhyme with 'tube'.

Jiggle Jiggle

'When you jiggle those beautiful things I simply lose my mind,
So I predict a volcanic eruption of the sticky kind.'
Hitomi, you surely are to blame for my truely undesirable habits.
But, what the hell ! If it feels good, do it !

Never Never Land

'Mm hmm, uh huh, ooh yeah'.
'I think you know just what I mean'.
'Lover's Rock' overlaid with psychedelic throbbing guitar.
Throbbing just for you of course, Hitomi.

lyrics to the song 'Never Never Land'


Burn rubber on the dancefloor to this infectiously hooky ska tune.
'I've been lookin' for a bad girl,
I've been lookin' for a mad girl,
And I believe that I have found me one'
Well, I wonder who that could be.
Once again I am indebted to you, Hitomi.

In My Room

For all you dedicated Hitomi fans out there.
The Twitcast effect. Know what I mean?
'When she appears out of the blue,
A fleeting glimpse, a distant view.
If you don't know what I'm on about,
click here .

lyrics to the song 'In My Room'

Naughty Girl

Retro Reggae.
Musically inspired by the classic 1969 hit single,
'Wet Dream' by Max Romeo .
Lyrically inspired by guess who? Here's a clue ...
'Slippin'-and-a-slidin', there ain't no hidin'
The fact that you've got a beautiful pair of pleasure domes'

Lucky Man

'And when she does it with the palm of her hand,
You know I feel so jealous of that lucky man'
Well, I guess all Hitomi fans out there can relate to
these words of wisdom.

Hitomi, I'm on my knees.
Please don't make me suffer this way.

lyrics to the song 'Lucky Man'

Let's Go (the talk room song)

Unashamed 4 minute pop song
Megahooky Anthemic Chorus
Tub Thumping, Rubber Burning, Dancefloor Filler
Potential Big Boob Jiggler

Once again I am indebted to you, Hitomi, for the inspiration
'Lets go, let's go, let's go, to Hitomi's Talk Room
Lets go, let's go, let's go, let's go right now'

lyrics to the song 'Let's Go'


Cosmic House

Imagine dancing on the surface of the most
distant planet in the solar system.
The sun would appear merely as a slightly
brighter than average star, in a pure black sky.
Imagine the desolation.

Banana Man

'Banana in the North, Banana in the South,
I think you know exactly what I'm on about.
Banana in the valley, banana in the hand,
Take me on a journey to the Promised Land'

Pre-pre-old-skool rock 'n' roll, with dubious lyrics
Still not sure what I'm on about?
If so, click here - Hitomi @ Instagram
You won't be disappointed

lyrics to the song 'Banana Man'

When Will I See You Again

Cover of the Three Degrees 70's classic.
Dedicated to Hitomi Tanaka & Harriet Sugarcookie

lyrics to the song 'When Will I See You Again'


Dedicated to the girl with the most
"Spectacular Boobs" on Planet Earth
'I wonder who that might be?'

lyrics to the song 'Balcony'

Rise And Shine

Best described as psychedelic reggae.

'They say there's gonna be a party taking place,
Some day soon, on the dark side of the moon.
And if you wanna know the details watch this space,
Catch the time, wakey, wake, rise and shine.

lyrics to the song 'Rise And Shine'

Inside My Crazy Brain

Psychedelic pop rears its ugly head once again.

Contains obscure references to Graze Exciting Snacks and
gorgeous weather girl, Elizabeth Rizzini .

lyrics to the song 'Inside My Crazy Brain'

Not Talkin' 'bout You

Alternative Power Pop

Jessica Rabbit seen walking into ASDA superstore.
I blame it on the magic mushrooms in that 'all day breakfast'

lyrics to the song 'Not Talkin' 'bout You'

I Don't Like Your Happy Music

Alternative Power Pop

"I don't like the smell of Gorgonzola cheese"

Apologies for the fact that lyrics in the middle 12 have been shamelessly lifted
from an ancient song by Lesley Gore.

lyrics to the song 'I Don't Like Your Happy Music'

No Inspiration NEW !!!

Dark Dance

Burn rubber on the dancefloor as you contemplate suicide ???

lyrics to the song 'No Inspiration'


If any content on this page causes
offence or distress to Hitomi Tanaka,
or her management or official associates,
Zebravox will be more than happy
to edit and/or remove content as requested.
Please note that Zebravox owns
the copyright to the audio content
and lyrics of the song -
'Hitomi' by Zebravox.